How To Prune A Mature Pomegranate Tree


How To Prune A Mature Pomegranate Tree. How to prune a mature pomegranate tree. Pruning a pomegranate tree for fruit production requires shortening the branches.

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Regarding pomegranate tree pruning, the first trimming should be done when it reaches a height of about 2 feet. If you have a vigorous tree that grew a lot, cut off a foot or two of the branches. Prune at the right time.

Early In The First Two Months, You Want To Make Sure That The Pomegranate Trees Are Getting The Right Amount Of Water To Keep Them Hydrated But Doing So Without Drowning Them.

Prune at the right time. If you suspect that your tree is infected with bacteria or fungus, keep a solution of bleach and water nearby as you prune, then dip your shears into it between every cut. Then, in early spring, cut back the exterior branches to allow smaller side shoots to grow.

Create More Scaffold Whorls In The Third Year.

If you have a vigorous tree that grew a lot, cut off a foot or two of the branches. Care of pomegranate trees planting: That means that the first step in mature tree trimming is to determine exactly why you are pruning.

Select The Most Dominant Branch And Prune The Others Back To The Ground.

How to prune a mature pomegranate tree. Depending upon the cultivar, a pomegranate tree height varies from four meters to eight meters. Yes, you really should prune a mature pomegranate tree at least twice a year to keep it healthy and help it thrive.

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Dig a hole that is wide and deep enough to easily accommodate the root ball. When pruning your pomegranate tree, make sure to use clean, sharp shears and make neat cuts wherever possible. In this video you will learn how to grow and prune a pomegranate tree or shrub for maximum fruit production, tree health and structure.

You Can Trim Off The Dead Branches During Cold Winter Months, When The Trees Are Inactive.

These should be taken from wood that is at least a year old and ¼ to ½ inch (0.6 to 1cm) in diameter. There are many varieties of pomegranate that can range anywhere from a dwarf shrub of 3 feet mature height to a small tree of 20 to 30 feet in height. In early spring, just when new leaves begin to emerge along the branches of your pomegranate tree you can give the tree a pruning.

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